Tropical Paradise Bundle sticks

Tropical Paradise Bundle sticks

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Give your tastebuds a guaranteed flavor explosion with the limited-time Summer Remix featuring Energy + Hydrate! We've curated a delicious recipe bundle for you that is not only easy to mix-up but filled with revolutionary health benefits that work better together.

Beat the heat with a Tropical Paradise blend in your cup! Valued at $64.98, you'll practically feel the sand between your toes with this Tropical Fruit Energy + Fruit Punch Hydrate remix! Available from July 7-31 at 11:59 pm PST or while supplies last.

The Tropical Paradise bundle includes:
1 bag of 15 individually wrapped Tropical Fruit Energy Sticks
1 bag of 15 individually wrapped Fruit Punch Hydrate Sticks

What are the benefits of drinking Energy & Hydrate together?
  • Helps provide calm, focused, time released energy*
  • Helps support healthy blood sugar levels*
  • Helps control cravings*
  • Helps boost mental & physical stamina*
  • Helps provide metabolic support*
How often can I take Hydrate?

It depends on the person. A properly hydrated person would most likely need one serving in a day. Because 75% of Americans are dehydrated on a regular basis, it’s recommended you use Hydrate at least two times per day.

Isn’t caffeine bad for you?

Caffeine is a natural substance that, taken in the right quantities, is not bad for you and actually has positive benefits.

I have heart problems. Can I take Energy?

Consumers with heart conditions are recommended to avoid all energy products, not just those manufactured at IDLife. Please consult your physician.

Why is Hydrate better than other sports drinks I can buy?

It provides all the essential nutrients without all the added sugar.

What are the natural fruit flavors in Hydrate?

The Fruit Punch flavor consists of cherry, berry and pineapple. The Mango Passion flavor consists of mango and passion fruit. The Grape flavor consists of grape.

How does Energy time release caffeine?

IDLife uses the tri-phasic approach for energy:

  • Phase 1 (Short Term): Rapid onset of energy, concentration, appetite suppression, alertness, motivation, and enhanced metabolism.*
  • Phase 2 (Mid Term): Sustained energy, increased focus, metabolism, cognitive function performance, and feelings of well being.*
  • HPhase 3 (Long Term): Fatigue protection, no jitters or crash, appetite suppression, elevated mood, and helps reduce fluid retention.*