Glow Girl Tanning Water

Glow Girl Tanning Water

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Tanning Water:

💜 Vitamins and minerals nourish your skin: sunflower seed oil, vitamin E, cocoa butter & rose hip oil

💜 Provides the ultimate non-streak tan.

💜 No orange. 🍊

💜 No dirty black/brown residue. 🥴

💜 Smells good. 🧼

💜 4-6 hour developer. ⏰

💜 Lasts up to 2 weeks with proper pre-exfoliation & moisturizer. 👯‍♀️

💜 Works for every skin tone, from pale blue undertones to dark yellow and olive that just needs a “boost”

💜 24 month shelf life!

~ A spray tan in a bottle, transparent Self-Tanning Water gives a quick, easy & hydrated glow with no blocked pores, dryness or transfer.



  1. Moisturize dry areas, like hands, elbows, knees & feet.
  2. Mist tanning water onto skin from head to toe, blending with a tanning mitt or hands.
  3. For the face, spritz on then blend with a tanning mitt or blending brush.
  4. Wash hands following application or use a makeup wipe on palms to remove tanner on the underside but preserve the color on top of your hands so your tan is seamless head to toe!